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For the first LAGCOE show, the symbol was a cartoon character in a hard hat, coveralls and a five o’clock shadow called "Lafayette Looey,” the forerunner of LAGCOE Looey. 

The inaugural program described Looey as "a funny guy...he works in an oil field, he uses your tools, eats your food and sleeps in your bed. He’s an ordinary Joe — or Looey — maybe sporting a week’s growth of beard after finishing up a long shift out on the rigs. He’s here to clean up, sleep up, then see the show and meet his bosses and his bosses’ bosses and their customers. He’s one of your best customers, whomever you are.”

Over the years, as technology advanced and as the industry became more knowledge-oriented, the initial description of Looey declined in accuracy, but he remained the exuberant symbol of the working oil man. In 1957, "Lafayette Looey" became "LAGCOE Looey."

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Badger Energy, LLC
Dupré Interests & Dupré Energy Services
Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA)
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CETA, Inc.
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Optimistic Oil Company
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Global Industries, LTD
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Edwin L. Cox
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Atlantic Refining Company, Soloco
1979 - Homer Fred Staggs
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Comet Drilling (owner)
Drilling Contractor & Independent
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