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1997 - Donald Mosing

1997 - Donald Mosing

Donald Mosing

Frank's International

Donald E. Mosing was the chairman and president of Frank’s Casting Crew Inc. founded by his father Frank Mosing in 1938. Mosing was described as an outstanding athlete whose body size made it easy for him to become involved in the oil field at an early age. His most significant accomplishment amongst others was engineering and manufacturing the company’s first power tong which set the standard in petroleum industry. After the death of his father in 1988, Mosing assumed position as the chairman and expanded the services of Frank’s Casting Crew Inc by providing more specialized service and equipment throughout the United States and Sixty-four foreign locations. Mosing served as part of Lagcoe’s board of directors from 1981-1989. He got the title of Lagcoe Looey in 1997.