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Programs & Events


Lagcoe provides programs to support our robust, sustainable community of energy companies and volunteers; promotes energy education and awareness; connects businesses with opportunities; and showcases the Gulf Coast’s technical innovations to the world.

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2023 Energy Leadership Program

Leadership program for the young professionals of LAGCOE. More information coming soon.

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Future Energy Professionals

Future Energy Professionals Program was established to encourage and support students to become future energy professionals who pursue STEM Centric degrees which fuel our world. This LAGCOE program is supported by the LAGCOE Education Fund, a Fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana.

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LAGCOE Little Energizers

As the LAGCOE Little Energizers program develops, we hope to #FosterEducation by exciting Acadiana's children about the thriving energy industry right in their hometown.

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Professionals of LAGCOE

As the older generation leaves the workforce they take with them a knowledge base built on the experiences of years of service. In addition, there will be a void in the number of professionals who actively represent the interests of our industry. That is where YPL comes in. The group started with a goal to eventually take the reins of LAGCOE.

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