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WOMEN IN ENERGY: Kathryn Fenstermaker

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Kathryn Fenstermaker

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Kathryn Fenstermaker

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Kathryn Fenstermaker

Mar 31, 2020

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, LAGCOE is highlighting women who have been instrumental supporters of our organization.

Meet Kathryn Fenstermaker!

How long have you been working for the energy industry?

I’ve been working in the energy industry for about three and a half years now although I’ve been aligned with the industry my whole life because of our family business.

In what ways has the energy industry had a positive impact on your life and career? Are you happy that you chose this industry?

Having worked in various contexts since graduating college in 2009, I can truly appreciate the vitality of the energy industry. The pace and intensity of the work, the heightened sense of urgency, the interconnectedness that is inherent to the industry—these things make it special and certainly dynamic. I love being a part of the ebb and flow, the rise in innovation and the push for efficiency and expediency.

What would you say to young girls today who are considering pursuing a STEM-centric career?

I would encourage young girls to focus on their education, to absorb knowledge like a sponge and aim for outer space. There is no limit to who you can be and what impact you can make in this life. You have a tremendous gift—an amazing energy—within you. Tap into that and make it your goal to rise to your fullest potential knowing that anything is possible.

Did you ever feel like you were at a disadvantage as a woman in a male-dominated industry? How did you overcome that and How are you helping pave the way for other fellow women in the energy industry?

I read a quote once that said something like, “If the fear won’t go away, do it afraid.” Little by little, as we face our fears, they melt away. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I consider it my duty to stand tall, to sit at the table, and show up in full force on behalf of all women. The more we persist in places where we were once scarce, the more we normalize what was once strange. In doing so, we continue to blaze the trail for future generations of women who aspire to do the same.