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WOMEN IN ENERGY: Jessica Roger

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Jessica Roger

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Jessica Roger

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Jessica Roger

Mar 27, 2020

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, LAGCOE is highlighting women who have been instrumental supporters of our organization.

Meet Jessica Roger!

Roger is the Vice President, administration of Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services and has more than a decade of experience in the oil and gas industry. She has held various accounting and office manager positions at regional companies such as Branch Warehousing & Distribution Center, Inc. and River Oaks Event Center. In 2008, she joined Wellbore Energy Solutions as the accounting manager, and then joined Environmental Drilling Solutions as accounting/office manager from 2009 to 2013, where she was responsible for all human resources and accounting functions. She then joined Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services as a partner in August 2013.

How long have you been working for the energy industry?

I have been in the energy industry for over 15 years.

In what ways has the energy industry had a positive impact on your life and career? Are you happy that you chose this industry?

I love being in an industry so instrumental to our world. I enjoy every aspect of it from walking onto a rig and meeting the rig supervisors, to meeting with executives in corporate offices; each being a learning experience for me. Experiencing the ups and downs of our industry has taught me how to work through adversity and I know that I can tackle any obstacles that come my way in life and in my career.

What would you say to young girls today who are considering pursuing a STEM-centric career?

Having two daughters of my own, this is a normal conversation in my household. I definitely encourage STEM-centric careers. Our industry needs new and upcoming talent so we can continue to improve in technology and move forward.

Did you ever feel like you were at a disadvantage as a woman in a male-dominated industry? How did you overcome that?

It is not a secret that our industry is known as “the good-ole boy system”, but I think we have moved on from that. There are so many women that have influenced the energy industry in such a positive way, it’s time we get over that. At times, yes, I have been underestimated, but very quickly proved them wrong. Speaking up in those situations is the only way to move past it and I don’t hesitate to speak up!

How are you helping pave the way for other fellow women in the energy industry?

I work hard at my job and get out very often to represent our industry. I am a true believer of being active in organizations that support the energy industry. I am a member of API, a big supporter of LAGCOE, was the 2018-19 Lafayette Director of Women’s Energy Network, and I currently serve on the board of LOGA. I think women need to get out and show the influence we have in the workplace and be willing to mentor the upcoming you ladies who are interested in joining us.