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WOMEN IN ENERGY: Corinne Sprague

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Corinne Sprague

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Corinne Sprague

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Corinne Sprague

Mar 10, 2020

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, LAGCOE is highlighting women who have been instrumental supporters of our organization.

Meet Corinne Sprague:


How long have you been working for the energy industry?

I joined Halliburton in 2000 and was with them until the time I joined LAGCOE in the summer of 2018.

In what ways has the energy industry had a positive impact on your life and career? Are you happy that you chose this industry?

I love the resilience, the friendships, and the growth this industry provided to my career and life in general. The industry is comprised of the toughest but also most caring individuals I know, and to work alongside them to help bring innovation, connect people and companies, foster economic development, and stimulate education is very rewarding.

What would you say to young girls today who are considering pursuing a STEM-centric career?

STEM-centric careers are wide ranging and touch all aspects of industry. Pursing STEM-based fields offer great opportunities to develop solutions that affect people every day – advancing society into the future. There are numerous resources and opportunities at every level for children, teenagers, and ladies who would like to pursue a STEM-centric career. Reach out, without fear, without hesitation, because YOU can be part of the solution.

Did you ever feel like you were at a disadvantage as a woman in a male-dominated industry? How did you overcome that?

While it is true that this is a male dominant industry, we are beginning to see many women conquer that stereotype and earn their place in the industry. Women are not only beginning to lead. but also to have a significant impact on decision making, spearing innovative initiatives, making discoveries, and helping maintain the industry's success. Personally, I never felt at disadvantage. I tend not to focus on disadvantages or negatives. My attention is always on progress, leveraging each situation and ensuring I learn and improve from mistakes, staying focused on the overall goal.

How are you helping pave the way for other fellow women in the energy industry?

Due to my position I am involved with many organizations, associations and clubs in the energy industry. My presence, opinions, and other contributions have always aligned with the interests of my organization, but also women in a broader sense. Additionally, I am involved with a not for profit organization that promotes the development of women, trains volunteers, and paves the way for future generations of female leaders. The relationships I’ve forged in working alongside diverse, thoughtful and hard-working women have benefited me both in my professional and personal life. A sense of community is paramount for a safe, happy and prosperous city. To develop the potential of women who can collaborate to build a strong community serves to benefit us all.