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​Veris Global: Empowering Companies through Straightforward, Innovative, & Robust Solutions

​Veris Global: Empowering Companies through Straightforward, Innovative, & Robust Solutions

​Veris Global: Empowering Companies through Straightforward, Innovative, & Robust Solutions

​Veris Global: Empowering Companies through Straightforward, Innovative, & Robust Solutions

Jun 24, 2020

Veris Global: Empowering Companies, Through Straightforward, Innovative, & Robust Solutions

With simplicity and a service-oriented mindset, Keith Seilhan and Jason Sullivan started Veris Global, a risk management and compliance solutions company servicing the energy industry with headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, but with end-users all over the world. The company improves it’s Client’s productivity with the usage of a comprehensive software platform and broad consulting expertise. Veris means “truths” in Latin. The company's goal is to build and provide systems and solutions that bring truths to Clients so they can make optimal decisions.

Keith, a native of Crowley, Louisiana, and an LSU Mechanical Engineering graduate, was always interested in finding clear and effective solutions. Since he was young, he developed the need to know how things worked. This need followed him to the Stanford University Executive Program where he was influenced by the capability digital technologies have to solve problems and empower users. “I always wanted to know how things work. My ambition was to be enlightened and achieve this space of independence,” Keith reminisced. So, with Veris Global, the goal is to find solutions that make Clients independent yet more productive. After providing consulting and fit-for-purpose training on our state-of-the-art digital systems, Veris Global engages Clients in solutions that help them drive their business. "Our Clients can do everything we have in our technology portfolio on their phones. You can do compliance offshore on a phone if you wanted to, we actually provide intrinsically safe explosion proof digital pads, but they can do it on their phones in a safe place if they wanted to,” Keith assured. With a 24/7 customer service phone line and email service, Veris Global’s ultimate goal is to “provide service to people by making them independent, happy and in compliance, no matter what,” Keith reinforced.

But in a world where technology often intimidates, complicates, and sets people apart from each other, LAGCOE wanted to know how Veris Global was managing to bridge the digital gap in the energy industry and navigating through challenges. So in an afternoon Zoom call with coffee and some discussion about the past, LAGCOE asked Keith Seilhan questions about the company’s history, involvement in the community, challenges, and plans for the future.

LAGCOE: How did Veris Global start? What inspired its beginning?

Keith Seilhan: Veris Global started with a core group of employees working for an operating company that all believed there was a huge need for better service and more advanced digital tools available to operators in the areas of Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, and Marine Consulting.The group were all customers to various providers in those areas and the quality wasn’t acceptable. So the founding members, a group with diverse and deep skills, committed to invest time and funding to start a world-class company. Their inspiration was the need for much better service along with their belief they could innovate.

LAGCOE: What sets Veris Global from other companies like it?

Keith Seilhan: Veris Global is a company comprised of talented individuals from Operating Companies.We were the Client, and we all know exactly what our Clients want and need.Our diverse skills in HSE, Computing & Digital Systems development, Operations and Risk Management give us the full set of skills required to build the best solutions.We all have a bias for innovation and simplicity, we know that our Clients want to solve and prevent problems. So we provide the absolute latest technology and practices to meet Client needs.

LAGCOE: Veris Global is a fairly new company, since 2018, what have been your biggest challenges?

Keith Seilhan: Every new company has to face challenges in building its business. Veris Global was fortunate in that we didn’t have to address many start-up challenges like staff dynamics and funding. We all worked together for many years and the group already worked very well together. We have been fully-funded, allowing us to invest our first year in planning and developing the most optimal solutions. That being said, our greatest challenge has been getting potential Clients to make a change. We’ve had several potential Clients tell us our solution is much better than what they currently use.They can’t believe it, but we offer a price usually 25% less than what they currently pay. So, the real challenge is – overcoming the bad experiences our potential Clients had with the on-boarding process of their current provider.They assume it will be the same with us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because we’ve employed the latest digital technology, we onboard our new Clients with very little work on their part and the training only takes a few hours. It’s ironic, but our biggest hurdle is to demonstrate how easy it is to get a better experience at a significantly lower price.

LAGCOE: Veris Global holds board positions with LAGCOE, United Way of Acadiana, and The Desk and Derrick Club of Lafayette. You are also members of Offshore Operators Committee, NOIA, and Microsoft's Partner Network. Why do you think it is important for businesses to be involved in professional and trade associations/organizations like these?

Keith Seilhan: To provide the best products and services to an industry, you have to be fully invested in their business and community.We need to know everything about energy and the key players in energy.The associations we take an active, leadership role within connect us with the Client, the industry, and the regulatory agencies that define the activities and the keys to success. LAGCOE, for example, has helped Veris Global keep in touch with the energy industry, Louisiana, the gulf coast, and the service sector.We meet industry leaders, we get connected to emerging trends, and we have an opportunity to contribute. These activities make us a stronger company and allow us to contribute.

LAGCOE: As you look toward the future of Veris Global and the industry overall, what do you see?

Keith Seilhan: My view of the energy industry has always been biased by knowing the criticality of accessing available and reliable sources of energy.Every advantage a modern society has is driven by energy.In tandem with that are the risks associated with producing and transporting energy.That’s where Veris Global comes in. We provide solutions and services that help operators manage risk and maintain compliance.While the energy industry will remain volatile, Veris Global has built its niche providing solutions and services that withstand the cycles in oil price.

LAGCOE: Acadiana is made up mostly of traditional service businesses and small operators. How is Veris Global helping these businesses optimize their potential considering a lack of technology savviness?

Keith Seilhan: Veris Global has several locally based Clients.Those Clients’ businesses are built on the entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic that is abundant in Acadiana. Many of these businesses focus their resources on the actual product or service they provide their Clients. When we engage them in the use of our digital solutions, we sometimes discover that their IT infrastructure is dated.We don’t judge – we understand they have priorities. What we do is provide the most advanced Cloud solutions that were developed to be accessible to the broadest range of platforms – even dated platforms.And, in every case we coach the Client on the quickest and least expensive route to upgrades. We’ve had several Clients ask if we would support their IT infrastructure.That’s not our mission, so we gladly refer them to companies like Rader Solutions, who are experts in this field.

LAGCOE: Your company revolves around digital technology. From what you see, how do you think digital technology will shape the future of the energy industry?

Keith Seilhan: Digital technology is everywhere, more than ever.Futuristic movies from 30-40 years ago contemplated flying cars and other enticing technological capabilities. But none ever were so bold as to place a device that has the capabilities of a smart phone in their script. We recognize the huge advancement smart phones, connected at all times to the world’s data, have made in today’s economy and the way we do business. The measured impact of digital technology will grow at an exponential rate in the foreseeable future. It’s up to private companies, driven by entrepreneurs, to keep the population in synch with the advancements. Digital Technology will impact energy on both sides of the equation – it will make everything more energy efficient and it will make the most desirable forms of energy more attainable.

LAGCOE: Would you recommend oil and gas (energy) as a career for a future graduate? Which career tracks (geology, business, operations management, etc.) do you think have the best outlook?

Keith Seilhan: It’s hard for me to recommend a career path for anyone in a way that limits their opportunities.The oil and gas industry is cyclical. The best students always get hired, and the best employees always weather the reductions. For young adults that have a strong work ethic, just about any industry is available to them. My advice to my own son was – don’t get a Petroleum Engineering degree if you want to work in oil and gas. Get a Mechanical, Civil or Chemical Engineering degree, and you can have a successful career in Oil and Gas if you choose. If the industry is in a lull at the time you graduate, a core engineering degree provides you ample options.

LAGCOE: Apart from helping businesses, how is Veris Global giving back to the Acadiana community?

Keith Seilhan: Veris Global is committed to helping Acadiana. We provide professional employment to people in this area, and we partner with local businesses to expand their reach. Veris Global Leaders hold officer and board positions on United Way of Acadiana, LAGCOE, and Desk and Derick.While most of our Clients are in Houston, we use digital technology to provide exceptional service to them from the middle of Lafayette.We are new and growing fast. It won’t be long before we have the resources to support local charities the way responsible companies do.


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