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Smith Mason & Co to host 'Life of a Well' during summit

Smith Mason & Co to host 'Life of a Well' during summit

Smith Mason & Co to host 'Life of a Well' during summit

Smith Mason & Co to host 'Life of a Well' during summit

Oct 19, 2016

Not all energy industry employees are technical. "The Life of a Well" luncheon, presented by Smith Mason & Co Founder, Randy Smith, and sponsored by Smith Mason & Co., will be a non-technical explanation of the life cycle of a well, targeted to the knowledge level of non-technical energy industry employees and those who want to understand more about the various phases of oil and gas exploration and production.

“LAGCOE is excited to offer such a great opportunity to educate a slightly different group of people within the energy industry through the Life of a Well luncheon,” said Angela Cring, LAGCOE Executive Director. “You don’t have to be an engineer or a geologist to understand this presentation. We are excited to welcome those who provide services to the oil and gas industry and want to know more about it.”

Randy Smith, Founder, and Larry Schmermund, COO, of Smith Mason & Co, will guide the audience through the life cycle of a well. Smith Mason & Co has a strong focus on safety and its economic impact on the industry. There are many moving parts of a well from conception to production and beyond. This will be an engaging non-technical discussion to show the importance of safe and efficient operations and how they impact our industry.

Smith Mason & Co founder Randy Smith is respected around the world for delivering state-of-the-art well control training and leadership management and safety courses to the oil and gas industry. Randy Smith began his career in Natchez Miss. working on work over rigs. He worked summers on pipeline jobs for both land and offshore Gulf of Mexico. Randy graduated from Delta State Univ. in coaching and teaching science. He worked 4 years in Iran with SEDCO on land rigs as roughneck, derrick hand, asst. driller and Driller. He also taught drilling and well control worldwide for SEDCO. In 1986 Randy started Randy Smith Training Solutions teaching well control, stuck pipe prevention, True training, drilling technology, and Leadership and Safety leadership in over 40 countries. In 2014 Randy Smith founded Smith Mason & Co with a focus on quality training around the world.

Larry Schmermund has over 43 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry and has held positions both offshore and in the office. He began his career working on offshore drilling rigs as a roustabout and worked his way into the office in 1986 as a Rig Move Engineer. After successfully running his own business for 15 years Larry joined Randy Smith Training Solutions in 2006 as the Worldwide Marine Training Manager and in 2008 he additionally assumed the role of Technical Training Manager for North America. In 2014 Larry became the Chief Operating Officer for Smith Mason & Co overseeing operations in the US, Middle East, and South America.

LAGCOE continues to work to bring value to the energy industry even during economically difficult times by hosting the LAGCOE Education and Innovation Summit – a two-day summit featuring informational, motivational, and non-technical sessions geared to a variety of interest levels within the energy industry. Visit for detailed information about each session and to register or purchase tickets.

Lauren Rabalais | LAGCOE Marketing Coordinator