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PoL 2023: Clayton Williamson

PoL 2023: Clayton Williamson


PoL 2023: Clayton Williamson

Nov 01, 2023

Welcome to a week-long series where we introduce you to the dedicated board members of the Professionals of Lagcoe (PoL). Today, we'll start by getting to know Clayton Williamson, the Chairman of the Professionals of Lagcoe. As we dive into Clayton's background, motivations, and goals, you'll gain insights into his passion for the oil and gas industry and his commitment to furthering its success.

1. What Inspired Clayton to Join the Professionals of Lagcoe?

Clayton Williamson's journey with the Professionals of Lagcoe began with a spark of enthusiasm for the energy industry. He shares, "When I first became a member of YPL (Young Professionals of Lagcoe), the oil industry in South Louisiana was thriving, and I saw it as a great way to get involved, meet professionals in the industry, and build relationships." It's this enthusiasm that has driven Clayton's involvement in the organization and his dedication to its mission.

2. Personal Goals and Aspirations within the Professionals of Lagcoe

Clayton has a clear vision for his role within the Professionals of Lagcoe. He states, "Some of my goals with the organization are to create a place where our industry professionals can connect and share knowledge about the current industry landscape and the future outlook, teach children (our future energy workers) and the public about the importance of all types of energy, especially the oil and gas industry, and advocate for the industry and our workers."

Through these goals, Clayton demonstrates his commitment to fostering a community of knowledge-sharing, educating the younger generation, and advocating for the vital energy industry.

3. What Clayton Hopes to Achieve as a Member

Clayton's hopes extend beyond his personal goals. He emphasizes, "I hope to build on the relationships I have already formed while continuing to form new relationships and connecting others to people they need to meet." His dedication to relationship-building and network expansion is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Professionals of Lagcoe.

4. Clayton's Perspective on the Oil & Gas/Energy Industry

Clayton highlights the significance of the energy industry, saying, "The energy industry is crucial for our modern world. Without it, we would be living like people did in ancient times." He goes on to underline the transformative role of the oil and gas industry, explaining, "The oil and gas industry specifically has been a major game-changer in our society as it has led to advancements and creations that we rely on today."

He points out the diversity of products derived from petroleum, from medical supplies to tech gadgets, and from renewable energy infrastructure to essential fuels for transportation. This illustrates the industry's multifaceted role in powering our world.

5. A Glimpse into Clayton's Life

Now, let's get to know Clayton Williamson on a more personal level:

  • Where He Works: Clayton is a part of Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC, showcasing his dedication to the oil and gas sector.

  • His Roots: He was born and raised in Morgan City, LA, and now resides in Youngsville, LA.

  • Hobbies and Interests: Clayton's hobbies include spending quality time with family and friends, coaching his kids' sports teams, participating in various adult sports like softball, volleyball, and pickleball, and savoring the joys of good coffee and food.

Clayton Williamson's journey as Chairman of the Professionals of Lagcoe is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the energy industry. His goals, perspective, and passion for fostering connections and sharing knowledge reflect the values of this exceptional organization. Stay tuned for more introductions to the inspiring board members of the Professionals of Lagcoe throughout the week.

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The Professionals of Lagcoe (PoL) is an organization that originated as a committee within Lagcoe, officially becoming an independent organization on June 27, 2023. PoL's primary purpose is to promote professional growth, networking, collaboration, and foster education in and about the energy industry. PoL is committed to bringing together professionals, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the energy sector's success.

PoL 2023: Clayton Williamson