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New petroleum exhibit on tap for Science Museum

New petroleum exhibit on tap for Science Museum

New petroleum exhibit on tap for Science Museum

New petroleum exhibit on tap for Science Museum

May 15, 2017

Since the 1950s, LAGCOE has nurtured countless initiatives dedicated to educating its members, the community and the next generation about the energy industry, its value and the opportunities it provides.

LAGCOE’s commitment to continuing education stems from its mission to ensure a constant and qualified workforce pipeline for generations to come and its even broader vision of doing whatever necessary to strengthen the community, this industry and its people.

As part of the Fostering Education initiative, LAGCOE is collaborating with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of GeoSciences and the Lafayette Science Museum to prepare a Petroleum Exhibit.

“The strength of this exhibit will be evident due to the input from heavy-hitters like the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Geology Department and LAGCOE. The combined input gives a truly well-rounded foundation for future visitors,” said Kevin Krantz, museum director for Lafayette Science Museum.

The exhibit aims to educate kindergarten through 12th grade students and teachers, as well as oilfield families and the greater Lafayette community about the science, engineering and societal benefits of oil and gas exploration, production and refining.

“LAGCOE is thrilled to be working with UL Lafayette’s School of GeoSciences and the Lafayette Science Museum to create this exciting exhibit to educate Acadiana about the petroleum industry,” said Angela Cring, LAGCOE executive director. “Education is at the forefront of LAGCOE’s mission, and we are proud to be a part of this initiative that will educate and entertain students of all ages as they learn about an industry with so much history and relevance in our community.”

The exhibit will tell the story of oil and gas from geological pursuit to production. The museum exhibit will be divided into four units, following petroleum from formation to everyday uses. The first unit will introduce attendees to the petroleum system of hydrocarbon formation. Unit two will focus on the history of exploration, specifically the petroleum industry in Lafayette and Louisiana. The third unit will explain petroleum production and will feature working models to illustrate the importance of petroleum distribution. The final unit will show different types of products produced from petroleum, and explain the consumption of petroleum products.

While the museum has much of the exhibit material secured, additional items are currently being sought out to enhance the experience of the exhibit to create an environment that is both visually stimulating and interactive. Wish list items include models, such as a modern model of an onshore or offshore rig, a pipeline route map, or a Gulf Coast stratigraphic section. Simulators to engage museum attendees, such as a Remote Operated Vehicle or Crane Simulator are of particular interest. Any historical petroleum industry memorabilia items, such as bits and tools from exploration and production are also on the wish list. New items may be rotated in and out of the displays during the life of the exhibit.

The Lafayette Science Museum plans to open this exhibit in Fall 2017. The Petroleum Exhibit will be up for at least one year, but could remain open for up to three years with regular evaluation/assessment of exhibits to determine interest of visitors. Please contact LAGCOE Education Coordinator, Lori Gauthier at or 337-235-4055 about any wish list items that may benefit the exhibit.

Lauren Rabalais | LAGCOE Marketing Coordinator