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Lagcoe Unveils Exciting Rebranding as Part of New Strategic Vision

Lagcoe Unveils Exciting Rebranding as Part of New Strategic Vision


Lagcoe Unveils Exciting Rebranding as Part of New Strategic Vision

Sep 07, 2023


September 7, 2023


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Fumy Rita

Executive Director | (337) 235-4055


Lagcoe Unveils Exciting Rebranding as Part of New Strategic Vision

LAFAYETTE, LA (September 7, 2023) – Lagcoe is thrilled to announce its rebranding initiative that marks the beginning of a new era for the organization. This comes as a result of thoughtful strategic planning sessions undertaken by the Board of Directors to determine the future of the organization. 

“The decision to rebrand the organization reflects our dedication to modernization, sustainability, and growth. Rest assured, our core focus remains steadfast on energy, and this evolution is aimed at enhancing our appeal and extending our reach,” said Fumy Rita, Lagcoe’s Executive Director. “Through this exciting endeavor, we aim to not only continue our support for the energy industry, but to also directly contribute to the development of our local economy.”

After 68 years of successful trade shows that have facilitated networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among industry stakeholders, Lagcoe has determined that future endeavors will not follow the familiar technical exposition and conference format of the past. Instead, the organization is embarking on a path that will introduce a range of new events designed to better align with the evolving needs of the energy industry and the broader business landscape.

"As we embrace the rapid technological advancements and the ongoing virtual revolution, we find ourselves at a crossroads regarding our traditional trade show format,” said Lagcoe’s Chairman, Larry Tolleson. “While we have been incredibly fortunate to receive unwavering support from the Lafayette Consolidated Government, other partners, and our local community, it is imperative that we remain responsive to the evolving needs of our industry. With this in mind, Lagcoe is embarking on a strategic shift away from the conventional trade show model,” said Tolleson. “Our commitment remains steadfast in fostering networking opportunities, facilitating knowledge exchange, and contributing to the economic growth of our region and industry. By exploring alternative event formats, we aim to better serve our stakeholders and adapt to the changing landscape of our dynamic sector."

Lagcoe's rebranding initiative marks an exciting and visionary milestone in its journey. The organization remains deeply committed to its core purpose while embracing a more dynamic approach to education, innovation, and community engagement.

"We are excited about this new chapter in the history of Lagcoe,” said Rita. “Our rebranding gives the organization a fresh, new look and our strategic initiatives reflect our dedication to continuously evolve and provide value to the energy industry. While we bid farewell to the traditional format of the Technical Exposition & Conference, we are eagerly looking forward to introducing a variety of dynamic events that will continue to elevate our organization and serve the needs of our industry," said Rita.

In the coming months, Lagcoe will unveil a series of innovative events that cater to the diverse interests and requirements of its stakeholders. These events will reflect the organization's dedication to fostering growth, sustainability, and advancement within the energy industry.

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About Lagcoe:

Lagcoe is a nonprofit organization established to support the advancement of the energy industry. Lagcoe aims to sustain a network of energy professionals, businesses, and volunteers that work together to innovate and advance the energy industry. Through programs, events, and education initiatives, Lagcoe’s mission is to cultivate partnerships within the industry by facilitating domestic and global relationships. For more than 68 years, Lagcoe has been a premier platform for industry professionals to gather, share insights, and collaborate. As the energy landscape evolves, Lagcoe remains committed to driving progress and supporting innovation within the sector.

Lagcoe Unveils Exciting Rebranding as Part of New Strategic Vision