LAGCOE Scholarship Recipient: Interview with Cody Rabalais

LAGCOE Scholarship Recipient: Interview with Cody Rabalais

Dec 09, 2020

At LAGCOE, we constantly check up on our Scholarship winners. This week we checked on Cody Rabalais, the 2018 SLCC Endowed Scholarship recipient. Cody graduated yesterday in Industrial Technology.

Where are you from? 

I currently live in Opelousas, La.

What High School did you attend? 

I attended North Central High in Lebeau, La.

When did you win the scholarship? 

I won the LAGCOE scholarship in March 2018.

What did you study at SLCC? 

I studied Industrial Technology while at SLCC.

When did you graduate from SLCC? 

I graduated with an Associate’s degree in May 2018.

What are you studying at UL Lafayette? 

I am working on my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology.

When is graduation day? 

Graduation day is December 9, 2020.

What do you plan to do? 

I am interested in a career in quality control and safety within the oil industry.

Do you work now? Doing what? 

I worked at a refinery weigh station prior to the pandemic where I monitored and documented loads of petroleum products in and out of the plant. However, the past few months I focused solely on completing my college tenure. Now I am actively looking for a career to utilize my education and work experience.

How did winning the LAGCOE scholarship help you?

The LAGCOE scholarship aided me in the care of my son who has Autism. The financial stability that the scholarship gave to me allowed me to further my education more than I initially intended.