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LAGCOE Organization Expands to Reflect Strategic Growth

LAGCOE Organization Expands to Reflect Strategic Growth

LAGCOE Organization Expands to Reflect Strategic Growth

LAGCOE Organization Expands to Reflect Strategic Growth

Mar 20, 2017

Many Louisianans are familiar with LAGCOE’s technical expositions and conferences that take place every other October at the Cajundome and Convention Center, but there is much more to LAGCOE than just the event. LAGCOE is a nonprofit energy industry organization focused on educational programs and organizer of a technical exposition and conference.

Recently, LAGCOE strategically expanded to more holistically serve the global energy industry through focused initiatives surrounding generational industry education, introductory and ongoing career development and networking events.

Angela Cring, executive director, LAGCOE, explained, “The oil and gas industry is familiar with our biennial technical expositions and conferences, but there is much more to LAGCOE. LAGCOE’s mission is to cultivate economic growth of the energy industry by facilitating domestic and global business development and fostering the energy workforce pipeline.”

Through the LAGCOE Education Fund, 501(c)(3) funding for projects and programs supporting educational efforts for or about the energy industry is provided. The Future Energy Professionals program has provided five students with more than $43,000 in higher education scholarships. LAGCOE has established additional scholarships and endowed professorships at both University of Louisiana at Lafayette and South Louisiana Community College. In addition, STEM education support programs are currently being expanded to further generational industry education.

LAGCOE offers a Young Professionals of LAGCOE (YPL) membership. This group’s mission is to provide career development and networking opportunities to young professionals looking to become the next industry leaders. This is achieved through a continuous program of industry networking events, mentor programs and active fundraising in support of the LAGCOE Education Fund.

“YPL is the future of the oil and gas industry and the next generation of LAGCOE. Their involvement and commitment to nurturing newcomers to this industry at all ages is crucial to establishing the next leaders of this organization and the industry,” Cring continued.

The cornerstone of LAGCOE’s support to the energy industry is its biennial technical exposition and conference. LAGCOE 2017, held October 24-26 in Lafayette, La., USA, will offer the energy industry an international and innovative event to explore new technology, products and services; conduct business-to-business meetings and make lasting connections for long-term success. Opportunities to exhibit, sponsor or present at LAGCOE 2017 are available at

“We appreciate the support of those who have helped to build the foundations upon which the LAGCOE organization has grown into. LAGCOE remains committed to promoting commerce, fostering education and connecting people within the energy industry. Our initiatives are centered on innovation, education, workforce development, volunteers and community. Both individual and corporate participation is available. We as an organization are proud of our growth throughout the last 62 years and we look forward to continuing to support the energy industry and its people,” Cring concluded.

LAGCOE continues to grow and innovate along with the ever-changing energy industry and will continue adding programs, events and initiatives to suit the needs of the industry.

Lauren Rabalais | LAGCOE Marketing Coordinator