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Jul 25, 2019



The keynote speakers for the LAGCOE 2019 Technical Exposition and Conference have been announced: 

  • Kimberly McHugh, Vice President of Drilling & Completions, Chevron
  • Kevin Krausert, President & CEO, Beaver Drilling, Ltd.
  • Roger W. Jenkins, President & CEO, Murphy Oil Corporation

Start off each morning of this year’s event with breakfast and insights from leading industry figures. Register online at either the Silver or Gold Key Pass Levels to reserve your seat at one or all of these Breakfast Keynote sessions. Please visit the LAGCOE 2019 website for more information.

Chevron’s Kimberly McHugh is scheduled to speak on Wednesday, October 9, the first morning of the conference. McHugh is a senior executive with Chevron, responsible for Global Drilling and Completions, including HES, Assurance, OC and planning of drilling operations globally. McHugh’s presentation, “Tomorrow is Today,” will cover the increasing pace of discovery and innovation in ever more complex environments. It is in these frontier spaces that operating challenges are driving new technology and fast-paced changes. In order to adapt and grow, McHugh believes that the oil and gas industry must accelerate the uptake of new technological developments and challenge the traditional ways of thinking in order to push beyond existing boundaries.

Kevin Krausert will headline the Thursday morning session with a discussion titled “A Brave New World: Drilling in the Energy Future.” Given the unprecedented period of change and disruption the drilling industry is facing, Krausert will review the history of energy technology and transitions in order to highlight the lessons it provides for how to build a brave new energy future. Of particular focus will be the Avatar Program, the ground-breaking collaboration between his company, Beaver Drilling, the University of Calgary, five major O&G production companies and the aerospace company Virgin Galactic, that is accelerating new technology and business models in the drilling industry.

Friday morning, October 11, Murphy Oil President and CEO Roger W. Jenkins will speak to attendees about “Oil Markets Today and Technology for Tomorrow.” He will review current forecasts for oil over the long term, including a macro view of oil markets. Jenkins will also preview the technologies that will be needed in the offshore arena in the coming years. As the head of an independent exploration and production company with a portfolio of offshore and onshore assets, Jenkins is well positioned to offer unique insight on the future prospects of the oil and gas industry.