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LAGCOE 2019 Highlights

LAGCOE 2019 Highlights

LAGCOE 2019 Highlights

LAGCOE 2019 Highlights

Oct 30, 2019

It’s thanks to the city of New Orleans and its unique brand of hospitality that LAGCOE 2019 was elevated to a new level the event has never seen before. Expanded programs, larger and more updated facilities, and exquisite accommodations brought together new operators from around the world who have never attended LAGCOE with those who have been faithful patrons of the event for years to usher in a new era for the oil and gas industry. New Orleans presented a cultural experience for attendees to enjoy in between LAGCOE events and made the show more accessible to a broader and more diverse scope of participants.

The International Reception

New Orleans, the home of Higgins Industries and the site at which the Higgins Boats that proved to be vital to the Allied Powers’ victory in WWII were constructed and tested, was appropriately chosen in the year 2000 to be the home of the National WWII Museum. The museum’s unique architecture and design were only part of the reason that LAGCOE chose the Louisiana Pavilion as the setting of the 2019 International Reception. The museum also offers a taste of history that can’t be found in any other city and presents an inspiring theme of hope and determination - a mindset not unlike that of many in the oil and gas industry today.

The Expo

LAGCOE 2019 saw participation from more than 300 exhibitors from across the globe. Exhibitors brought with them new innovations and services from their respective industries that showed attendees how the oil and gas sector is advancing to match the needs of those it serves around the world. The Expo was a colorful, diverse showcase of unique products and services that revealed the many ways in which the energy industry is evolving to keep up with the needs of our rapidly changing world.

The Conference

With its more than 60 conference sessions on topics ranging from technical industry presentations, to organizational best practices, to industry outlook predictions for the future, the conference at LAGCOE 2019 served as a gateway to offer attendees unique insights about their industry from premier oil and gas professionals from all over the world. The Keynote Breakfast sessions from top executives at Chevron, Beaver Drilling, and Murphy Oil served to inspire attendees to remain positive about the future of the industry and encourage them to seek new ways in which to flourish in this new age of technology and energy.

Future Energy Professionals

Part of LAGCOE’s mission as an organization is to foster the education of the next generation of energy industry professionals. The LAGCOE 2019 FEP (Future Energy Professionals) Tours served to further this mission by giving high school students from across the state an inside look at their future industry. The FEP Tours, led by LAGCOE volunteers, brought students directly to the exhibitors on the Expo Floor. Exhibitors had the chance to speak with students about the importance of STEM careers and the many ways in which the energy industry has a positive impact on lives everywhere. The LAGCOE FEP Tours offer students the unique opportunity to network one-on-one with those currently active in the careers they are interested in pursuing, giving them a chance to see the inside of the industry that they can’t get anywhere else.