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LAGCOE 2017 draws local and foreign visitors

LAGCOE 2017 draws local and foreign visitors

LAGCOE 2017 draws local and foreign visitors

LAGCOE 2017 draws local and foreign visitors

Oct 25, 2017

Representatives from oil and gas companies around the world convened in Lafayette for LAGCOE. The bi-annual event comes amid a rough few years for the oil and gas industry, but throughout the exposition – a sense of optimism.

"Considering the current state of the industry, there is a very positive attitude at the show,” said LAGCOE Executive Director, Angel Cring

More than 360 companies and 16 foreign nations were represented at LAGCOE to share their technologies and services on a global level.

“One of our goals for LAGCOE as an organization is to keep a global spotlight on this area,” said Cring, referring to the greater Lafayette area.

“It provides so many opportunities for us to grow our businesses and expand overseas,” said Brenda Stelly from LAGCOE’s International Committee.

Companies based in Acadiana know the importance of hosting an international event.

“For me it's extremely fortuitous. This great opportunity for people to get additional opportunities besides the domestic market. I see a lot of opportunity so I hope the same thing applies to everybody else,” said Jonathan Mann, the president of 360 International, a Lafayette based company in the energy business.

Those who needed a passport to come to the exposition said they were glad they made the trek.

“Many of us go to school and do not get the opportunity first hand to see what these instruments are. And so to come to an opportunity like this where you see them in real life time is a good thing to see,” said Lawrence Apaalse, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Energy from Ghana.

“It is amazing to get to know a lot of people who are on the same page as you are and searching for a lot of good opportunities as we are doing here,” added Maria Del Rio, the Director of Foreign Investments of the State of Campeche in Mexico.

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