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LAGCOE 2015 kicks off at the Cajundome

LAGCOE 2015 kicks off at the Cajundome

LAGCOE 2015 kicks off at the Cajundome

LAGCOE 2015 kicks off at the Cajundome

Oct 27, 2015

LAGCOE 2015 Kicks Off at the Cajundome

The 2015 Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition kicked off today at the Cajun Dome. There are hundreds of display tents outside and inside the convention center and the Cajun Dome.

“The opportunity for the companies to come in so they’re aware, vendors to come out and see them it’s really good for Louisiana, it’s good for Acadiana,” Charlie Moncla, the LAGCOE Looey of 2015, told KLFY’s Kellie Brown.

Dubbed one of the biggest oil and gas industry expositions in the U.S., it attracts industry professionals from all over the world.

“People from the Ukraine are here having a meeting upstairs talking about how to get involved in the Ukraine, Mexico is having a meeting this afternoon about business in Mexico, Saudi Arabia has a lot of people here,” Al Johnson said.

The show happens every other year in Lafayette. The last one in 2013 attracted over 17,000 visitors.

“It’s an overwhelming sense of community, an overwhelming sense that he even in spite of the commodity downturn that we’re going to be ok,” Tully Blanchard told KLFY.

According to attendees, the decline in the oil and gas industry has affected crowds this year. But they said this could provide a chance for innovators and newcomers in the business.

“Prices of oil and gas are hurting the industry but you can see the optimism and the enthusiasm in the entrepreneurs in this business,” Moncla said.

Kellie Brown | KLFY