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Efficiencies lead to business growth for companies in oil and gas

Efficiencies lead to business growth for companies in oil and gas

Efficiencies lead to business growth for companies in oil and gas

Efficiencies lead to business growth for companies in oil and gas

Apr 18, 2016

During LAGCOE 2015, LAGCOE, INNOV8 Acadiana, LLC and LEDA’s Opportunity Machine teamed up to connect the best emerging energy innovators with investors ready to move business ideas forward with the Energy Innovators Pitch Challenge.

The 10 Energy Innovator’s Pitch Challenge candidates were: Spotter by Envoc, Viper Drill, Dynamic Measurement, PhDsoft C4D, Cleargistix by Necessea, Power Brush by Begneaud Manufacturing, IRNDT Inspection Systems, Flange Cuff, American Deep Steam, and Iliad Field Ticketing Software by Aristotle’s Alexander.

Six months after the inaugural Energy Innovators Pitch Challenge, LAGCOE checks in with these candidates to hear of any new successes and milestones reached since LAGCOE 2015.

Spotter, by Envoc, is a tablet app that allows users to create and manage inspection questionnaires or forms for users in the field.

"Since presenting at LAGCOE, we've on-boarded a number of new clients, including a leading independent producer of high-quality specialty hydrocarbon products, the State of Maine Public Utilities Commission, and others, proving that Spotter appeals to a diverse set of industries and applications,” said Barbara Lasseigne, Envoc spokesperson.

Spotter has been featured in a number of recent articles and publications and was listed by Silicon Bayou News as a Top 5 Louisiana Oil & Gas Tech startup.

Viper Drill, a disruptive oil and gas drilling technology, offers a highly-affordable, mini-horizontal drilling system that produces lateral drainage tunnels that radiate outward from the wellbore to dramatically increase oil and gas recovery.

Viper Drill has completed successful field trials and has formally launched its product offering at the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Improved Oil Recovery Conference in Tulsa, Ok.

"One of our patents in the US was recently granted and we are optimistic that another one in Australia will grant soon,” said Mark Savage, Viper Drill spokesperson. "Despite depressed oil prices interest in our technology is high.”

Dynamic Measurement, LLC uses global lightning data in a patented process, to provide geological rock property data for oil and gas and mineral exploration, unobtrusively, cheaply and quickly.

Dynamic Measurement has won the best paper of the year at the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies for the second consecutive year, and presented to the Department of Energy, passed blind tests in copper resources mining exploration, and are in the process of applying for a Dept. of Energy Grant.

PhDsoft Technology Inc.’s C4D Technology is an asset integrity management software that accurately predicts the degradation and corrosion of complex assets, such as offshore platforms and ships.

Since LAGCOE 2015, PhDsoft Technology, Inc. has established partnerships with engineering companies to provide services empowered by C4D Technology. PhDsoft has also made improvements in the development of the software, including enhanced security commands and a new dashboard.

"The oil & gas market is searching for ways to reduce costs,” said Duperron Ribeiro, CEO of PhDsoft Technology Inc. "C4D technology is there to provide automation of engineering activities in maintenance of offshore structures.”

Cleargistix, Intelligent Asset Solutions maximizes profits by delivering an efficient and cost effective intelligent asset solution to the oil & gas service industry.Recently, the company released Cleargistix Oil & Gas Services, a field ticketing solution designed to provide customers with an efficient means of collecting revenue, safety, compliance, payroll and other information in the field.

"Cleargistix is out in the market, raising funds for its ‘Series B’ round which will be used to continue development of solutions and broaden sales & marketing efforts, especially in Southern Louisiana and in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale,” said Ross Durant, Sales & Marketing for Cleargistix.

Power Brush Machines by Begnaud Manufacturing is a pneumatic thread cleaning machine for tubing, drill pipe, and casing that is not only easy to use but also environmentally friendly

"Our pitch at LAGCOE garnered the attention of multiple C-level executives and investors and propelled us to participate in another energy pitch challenge,” said Aaron Broussard, COO of BEGNEAUD Manufacturing. "As a result, Power Brush has been approached to develop a new joint-cleaning product.”

One common theme among each of the participating companies was the unarguable fact that the Energy Innovators Pitch Challenge was a great opportunity to present information about their innovations to oil and gas industry decision makers who attended LAGCOE 2015.

"I met so many people and did a lot of presentations after LAGCOE 2015, and I’ve had lots of follow up communication since” Rick Girndt, IRNDT Inspection Systems LLC, said. "I am carefully considering my options but one avenue is looking like the one that will be what I ultimately take."

Lauren Rabalais | LAGCOE Marketing Coordinator