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LE: Milton Elementary

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LE: Milton Elementary

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 | Milton Elementary

Professionals from Lagcoe Bring Energy Education to Milton Elementary

On May 15, 2024, the professionals of Lagcoe are set to deliver the Little Energizers program at Milton Elementary School, thanks to a grant from the Pinhook Foundation and the Stuller Family Foundation. This initiative aims to inspire and educate students about the fascinating world of energy, fostering a deeper understanding of its significance and potential.

The Little Energizers program is designed to engage elementary school students in interactive activities, presentations, and discussions focused on energy-related topics and STEM careers. With a blend of hands-on demonstrations and engaging content, the program seeks to spark curiosity and instill a sense of appreciation for various forms of energy, including renewable sources.

The professionals from Lagcoe, representing diverse backgrounds and expertise within the energy industry, are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with the next generation. Through this outreach effort, they hope to inspire young learners to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and consider careers in the energy sector.

At Milton Elementary School, the professionals will collaborate with teachers and parents to tailor the program to 6th grade students. By delivering the Little Energizers program, Lagcoe not only contributes to the educational enrichment of the local community but also fosters a sense of corporate responsibility and community engagement. By investing in the education of young minds, Lagcoe demonstrates its commitment to promoting STEM literacy and empowering future generations to become informed stewards of energy resources.

Note: If individuals are interested in volunteering for future initiatives like the Little Energizers program, they can register and find more information at the Little Energizers page. Volunteering provides a rewarding opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the community and inspire the next generation of leaders in STEM and energy-related fields.