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LAGCOE Appoints Fumy Rita as New Executive Director

Feb 06, 2023


February 06, 2023

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Fumy Rita

LAGCOE Executive Director

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LAGCOE Appoints Fumy Rita as New Executive Director


LAFAYETTE, LA (February 6, 2023) – LAGCOE, the nonprofit energy industry organization, announced the appointment of Fumy Rita as its new executive director. Rita, who previously served as the organization’s director of operations and international affairs, will lead the organization through new initiatives as it positions itself to face the future of the energy industry.


“The commitment Fumy has for LAGCOE’s ‘go forward’ mission is a perfect fit to lead the organization,” said Larry Tolleson, COO of Renaissance Offshore and chairman of the LAGCOE Board of Directors. “Her active participation in the planning and execution of our projects and events over the past several years allowed us to select a leader who knows the organization well.”


Rita joined LAGCOE in 2019 as the organization’s programs coordinator and was instrumental in developing several new programs before becoming the director of operations and international affairs. 


“Education has been a passion of mine and I’ve had the opportunity to fulfill that passion through several initiatives here at LAGCOE,” said Rita. “I have my eyes set on continuing to establish LAGCOE as a resource for the energy industry. The board and I have plans to develop the organization into a connector of people and a solution provider through our longstanding traditions of developing partnerships and making the most of our resources and networks,” said Rita.


Fumy Rita was born in Moscow, Russia, and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, but her roots trace back to the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe. She earned a master’s degree in international communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2020, and a master’s degree in Francophone studies in 2017. 


“Fumy’s multilingual background and her experience in international affairs will allow LAGCOE to broaden our reach and tackle issues across the globe,” said Keith Seilhan, president of Veris Global and incoming chairman of the LAGCOE Board of Directors. “I’m excited to continue working with her, and the board is confident that her leadership will help guide us towards the future.”  


LAGCOE started in 1953 as a small business expo in the parking lot of the Petroleum Club of Lafayette and grew to become a world-renowned organization known for fostering innovation and serving as a catalyst for networking and education in the energy industry. 


“I stand on the shoulders of many visionaries and hardworking LAGCOE advocates,” said Rita. “I am appreciative of all the support I’ve been given since my appointment and I look forward to working with the LAGCOE board, our partners, longtime supporters, and anyone looking to solve the global challenges of the energy industry.”






LAGCOE is a nonprofit energy industry organization focused on educational programs and a technical exposition & conference. LAGCOE’s mission is to cultivate economic growth of the energy industry by facilitating domestic & global business development and fostering the energy workforce pipeline. LAGCOE’s vision is to be a robust, sustainable community of energy companies and volunteers that promotes energy education and awareness, connects businesses with opportunities, and showcases the Gulf Coast’s technical innovations to the world. Learn more at LAGCOE.com.


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