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Energy Fest 2022 – The LAGCOE Expo

A progressive, festivalized event experience that helped lead the energy industry into the future. 

This biennial Technical Exposition and Conference distinguished itself from others for its vibrant show floor which fostered meaningful networking and educational experiences. Additionally, the conference and training portion of Energy Fest addressed pertinent topics which not only supported all forms of energy but also discussed how we can work together to produce and deliver safely and responsibly Energy to America and the rest of the world.

During LAGCOE's 67-year history, we have witnessed, first-hand, the transformation of the energy sector. That is why in 2022, LAGCOEchose to highlight the culture, and the innovation, and involve you in ways never done before.

Our culture has shaped the very fabric of who we are. It is this rich history we were excited to showcase in 2022. Bringing in elements of the food, the festivals, and the southern traditions we hold so dearly in our hearts.

We have seen the growth of the energy industry. Sometimes it's painful, but in that pain, we innovate. Innovation is the key to becoming sustainable, and in 2022 innovation took center stage as we delve into new technologies and emerging industries.

None of this existed without you.

You've kept us rooted in culture.

You've developed the innovation that has propelled us forward.

None of this existed without you.