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LAGCOE technical session to showcase new technologies

Sep 01, 2015

Seven new technologies will be exhibited during the LAGCOE New Technology Showcase, scheduled for 28 October and sponsored by Drilling Contractor. Companies will get 10 minutes each to present an overview of the winning technologies.

"We received exceptional applications from companies presenting outstanding technological advancements,” said Jeff DuBois, LAGCOE Technical Sessions Committee Co-Chair. "This year’s award winners have pushed oil and gas industry limits through creativity, efficiency and safety.”

All technologies were reviewed by a panel of judges who evaluated submissions based on the five criteria of new, innovative, proven, broad interest, and significant impact. These criteria serve as an all-inclusive standard that measures the value of each submitted technology.

The winning technologies for LAGCOE 2015 are:

  • Concentric Pipe and Tool Rental – Superior Safety Wrench System (SSWS). The SSWS is a manual tool that eliminates the use of sledgehammers in the makeup and breakout of 1502 connections/unions, regardless of the wing union condition or manufacturer. The SSWS is the only manual, hammerless tool comprised of a wrench-head design that applies even torque to all three lugs.
  • Halliburton – VersaFlex XteremeGrip Expandable Liner Hanger System. The VersaFlex XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger is a high-performance, advanced metal sealing system that provides a compliant metal seal with a fully bonded resilient elastomeric seal to account for imperfections in the parent casing. The system’s unique body profile utilizes engineered extrusion limiter rings to provide metal-to-metal seal and full bi-directional anchoring capability in all casing grades at elevated temperatures.
  • Halliburton – SaltShield (SM) Cementing Service. The SM cementing service is a combination of finite element analysis tool and a proprietary cement system. The cement system, SaltShield cement, is designed to tolerate the chemical effects of aggressive and challenging slats such as carnallite, tachyhydrite and anhydrite, the most common salts in pre-salt zones.
  • Hypertherm – Plasma, Laser and Waterjet Cutting Products. The challenge of supplying power and compressed air for plasma systems in remote locations, whether installing a pipeline or decommissioning an oil rig, has forced workers on site to handle cutting and gouging jobs with oxyfuel, grinders and carbon arc. Replacing these technologies with plasma increases productivity and improves worker safety, reducing overall costs and giving oil and gas workers a better way to safely tackle the toughest cutting and gouging jobs on remote job sites.
  • PhDSoft – Structural Integrity Software. PhDsoft offers the first comprehensive solution to manage and monitor the structural integrity of large assets, such as offshore platforms and ships. PhDSoft’s C4D software solution incorporates industry best practices, proprietary algorithms and cutting edge software to accurately assess the condition of assets, predict corrosion and degradation and accurately calculate the timing and cost of repairs to keep assets safe and reliable while reducing maintenance costs and increasing asset life.
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company – Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pumps, Valves, Fittings, Cylinders, Systems, Repairs & Rentals. The Hydrus Tools stripping tool is a safe and reliable method of removing encapsulation material from single and multi-line flat packs. The tool is a self-contained, hand-operated device that requires no external power source. The tool is lightweight, anodized and is constructed of non-sparking materials, allowing its use in most hazardous areas. All cutting areas are enclosed, promoting safe and secure operations that significantly decrease critical path operations and rig time.
  • Seminole Services – Well Construction Equipment, Liner Hanger. The Powerscrew is a new expandable liner system that’s set with torsional energy from the top drive. The downhole tool provides an alternative to the high setting pressures associated with other hydraulic or expandable liner hangers.

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