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Exhibitor Coordinator Job Opportunity

Energy Fest Exhibitor Coordinator

LAGCOE is searching for an Exhibitor Coordinator to help with the execution of our Energy Fest. The Exhibitor Coordinator is responsible for securing and maintaining relationships with Energy Fest exhibitors. This position is also responsible for volunteer recruitment and coordination. Please note, this is a part-time position. 

Focus Area
Exhibitor Coordination
Success Statement
The Energy Fest is planned and executed to carry out the mission and vision of the organization.

Performance Standards:

  • Engage in the planning and execution of the biennial exposition and other events.
  • Upload event details, layout and logistics in Event Management Software and notifies the Exhibitors of completion.
  • Attend and assist with Committee meetings directly related to events.
  • Communicate with exhibitors regarding the logistics of upcoming events.
  • Attend Energy Fest and oversee the day-of activity to ensure smooth execution according to plan.
  • Arrange all deliveries for Energy Fest.
  • Strategically coordinate event logistics, including:
    • Specifications for the event.
    • The floor plan layout and exhibitors are set up and in the correct placement with all items included in their space.
    • Coordination of specific event areas, such as volunteer lounges, refreshment stations, etc.
    • Coordination of the set up and tear down.
    • Scheduling of appropriate staff or volunteers.
  • Resolve any exhibitor issues for the event, as they arise; escalate major issues to Director of Operations, as needed.

  • Follow up on outstanding invoices/collections due for events.

  • Maintain open communications with attendees to ensure that LAGCOE remains knowledgeable about their concerns and that events meet industry needs.
  • Work with Team to collect and report on feedback from event attendees.
Focus Area
Volunteer Coordination
Success Statement
Events run smoothly due to volunteer participation and engagement.

Performance Standards:

  • Maintain an up-to-date database of volunteers, committees and their contact information.
  • Maintain contact with current volunteers by sending communications out each month, outlining upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.
  • Check email inbox daily to gather replies from volunteers and respond accordingly.
  • Email volunteers to inform them of their schedule for each event and give instruction on volunteering procedures.
  • Email volunteers to inform them of any last-minute changes to the event’s schedule.
  • For each event, print out the list of volunteers and the designated post for each volunteer.
  • Assist with the organization of volunteer recognition programs and special events.
  • Select promotional items and gifts for volunteers.
  • Design and distribute surveys as necessary to volunteers to understand their interests and desired volunteer opportunities.
  • Evaluate the volunteer program to ensure effectiveness and to recommend/implement changes, as appropriate.
  • Recruit new volunteers, as needed.
  • Assist Volunteer Committee Leaders with the operations and coordination of their committees, including scheduling and taking notes at meetings.
Focus Area
Success Statement
Events and programs are marketed and promoted to garner high participation.

Performance Standards:

  • Develop and disseminate electronic communications to volunteers.
  • Attend and represent LAGCOE at Industry and Community Events.
  • LAGCOE reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.

For more information about this position, please review the job description and apply here. If you have any questions, contact Sara Bourque.