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LAGCOE is fortunate to have the support of hundreds of energy industry volunteers. Read the descriptions below about each of the 26 committees that support LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences below:


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Communications Committee (NEW)

The Communications Committee makes sure volunteers have the tools they need to effectively communicate during set-up of LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences.

Exhibitor Floor Coordinators (NEW)

The Exhibitor floor coordinators staff the show floor service center and field questions and requests from exhibitors to ensure a great experience from move in thru move out.

Exhibitor Relations Committee

The Exhibitor Relations Committee staffs the LAGCOE Information Office during set up and LAGCOE's technical exposition & conference hours, ready and willing to answer questions from exhibitors, attendees and sponsors.

Exhibits Committee (NEW)

The Exhibits Committee works to ensure a great experience for exhibitors by contacting these exhibitors in the weeks leading up to the show to assist in the planning process, as well as being available to answer questions during LAGCOE's technical exposition & conference.

Future Energy Professionals Program

The Future Energy Professionals Program was established to encourage and support students to become future energy professionals who pursue technical positions which fuel our world. The committee works hard to continue this purpose through various educational outreach programs.

International Committee

The International Committee works to place LAGCOE on the radar of international buyers year-round as well as plan and execute the international programming during LAGCOE's technical exposition and conference.

LAGCOE Sporting Clays Tournament

LAGCOE Sporting Clays Tournament Committee plans the annual event hosted by Young Professionals of LAGCOE which raises funds for the LAGCOE Education Fund, a fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee works to provide welcoming and efficient entry at LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences.

Safety & Security Committee

The Security Committee coordinates and monitors the security of the show grounds during LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences.

Technical Sessions Committee

The Technical Sessions Committee focuses on producing a slate of technical speakers and topics at LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences which have relevance to the current state of our industry.

VIP Transportation Committee

The VIP Transportation Committee connects the decision makers of the oil and gas industry located in Houston, Texas with LAGCOE by flying these leaders to Lafayette via chartered jet for a one-day visit of LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences.

Volunteer Logistics Committee

The Volunteer Logistics Committee makes sure volunteers have the tools they need to effectively navigate the show grounds and communicate during set-up of LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences.


The Volunteer Lounge Committee staffs the Volunteer Lounge to make sure volunteers are able to relax and recharge for a moment during LAGCOE’s technical expositions &

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee meets and greets guests at the airport as they arrive in Lafayette for LAGCOE's technical expositions & conferences as well as throughout the show grounds ready to answer questions, help attendees, exhibitors and sponsors find their way.

Young Professionals of LAGCOE

Young Professionals of LAGCOE act as ambassadors to the LAGCOE Education Fund, promote networking among energy professionals and provide career development opportunities to young professionals. YPL also functions as a recruiting tool to feed young professionals into LAGCOE's organizational and technical exposition & conferences committees.

YPL Golf Tournament Committee

The YPL Golf Tournament Committee plans this annual tournament which serves as an industry-only networking event .

YPL Membership Committee

The YPL Membership Committee recruits new individual and corporate members ready to engage in YPL and LAGCOE events as a path towards career development and giving back to the industry.

YPL Mentor Program

The YPL Mentor Program Committee facilitates the YPL Mentor Program which serves as an opportunity for young professionals within the oil and gas industry to develop productive relations, become engaged in positive networking and build leadership skills.

YPL Networking Events Committee

The YPL Networking Events Committee plans and executes the calendar of YPL networking events.

YPL Volunteer Committee

The YPL Volunteer Committee serves as a recruitment tool for volunteeres to assist with LAGCOE and YPL events.


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